What is «SMART»? «SMART» bonus (loyalty) program is a unique service for those who want to be kept up to date with the best deals in their town (SMS, USSD, IVR ads) and participate in surveys, earning pleasant bonuses (airtime).

Who can enroll in the «SMART» program? Any activ subscriber can join the «SMART» bonus program.

How to become a «SMART» member? To opt in, dial *555*1#OK or dial *555#OK and follow the menu prompts.

What are the benefits of this program? You will stay up to date with the best deals, promos, discounts available in your town while earning bonus airtime.

Is it free? Yes, it is free. There is no charge to join «SMART». If you opted in, you will start earning monthly bonuses.

How can I earn bonuses? Bonus is applied and goes live on your account after activation (to activate, dial *555*00#OK).

When does the bonus expire? Once activated, bonus is valid for the next 7 (seven) days from activation dial (*555*00#OK). Any unused bonuses are lost after the expiration date and do not roll over to the next week/month. You will also lose your unused bonuses if you opt out of the «SMART» program.

If I switch tariffs, will I keep my bonuses? Yes.

How can I use my bonus? Bonus (airtime) can be used for calling and texting on activ/Kcell network, and also for Internet, they may be activated once a month, except while you are roaming abroad. Bonus cannot be used to make international calls or shared with other customers.

How do I activate my bonus? Sign up for our SMART program by calling *555*1#OK and then dial *555*00#OK to activate your bonus of 500 calling units. To check your remaining balance and bonus, dial *111*3#OK.

How do I know if this is not a SPAM? Basically, spam is an unwanted/unsolicited message. In our case, before joining the «SMART» program you are required to provide consent to receive information messages about services and products from our partners and participate in surveys. We will pick up the most interesting and attractive offers for you.

Will my phone number be shared with anyone? No.

When will I receive information messages from «SMART»? Anytime between 10:00 — 21:00, Astana time.

Can I stop receiving SMS? Yes, you can stop receiving texts from «SMART» by calling *555*2#OK.

What should I do if there is no answer to my question? Contact us on 3030 (from mobile) or 8 (727) 258-83-00 — 24/7 line.